If you are worried about your child / young person, please speak with us at school. We work with Lewisham MHST (please see posters at the bottom of this page for more information) and will work alongside them to find the best support for you and your child. Here are some handy websites that can also support you to support your child.

NSPCC – Children’s mental health: Guides for parents

Advice for parents to help them support their child / children / a child / children known to them who may be experiencing depression, anxiety, suicidal feelings or self-harm.


Place2Be – Supporting your child’s mental health

Parents / carers / families have an important role in teaching children and young people how to understand and manage their feelings as they grow up.



Young Minds – fighting for young people’s mental health

Parenting isn’t always easy! And it’s OK to ask for / seek help.


Make it Count – A guide for parents and carers from the Mental Health Foundation

This guide is for parents and carers to help children understand, protect, and sustain their mental health.


MIND – A charity campaigning for everyone experiencing a mental health problem to get support and respect.

‘Can you make someone get help?’ video


Information and Support

Solihull Approach – The Solihull Approach is all about emotional health and well-being. They provide training and resources for practitioners and parents working with children and families.


There is a charge for the programme and it is not specifically about mental health, but by engaging in the learning and using the ideas, a healthy routine can be introduced and maintained. Topics such as ‘why is sleep important?’ will be addressed which is a significant factor to good mental health.  There is also a section for parents who may have a child with physical or learning disability or who may have autistic traits and who may wish to understand their child’s additional needs in greater depth.




If your child is in crisis, there is lots of support. It is very important to make an urgent referral to CAMHS (Tel: 020 7138 1250) who will be able to support your child most effectively. You can fill in a referral form here (word doc attached) A member of school staff would be very happy to support you if needed.

If it’s an emergency or you need urgent help:

  • If you or someone else is in danger, call 999 or go to A&E now
  • If you need help urgently for your mental health, but it’s not an emergency, get help from NHS 111 online or call 111




At Young Minds, we know parenting isn’t always easy. Although it’s often amazing and rewarding to watch your children grow up, and to help them learn to be independent, it can also be really hard work. It can feel especially hard if your child’s mood and behaviour seem different and you’re not sure why, or what you can do to help. But you are not alone.

Young Minds has lots of practical advice and tips on supporting your child – from how to encourage your child to open up about their feelings to dealing with mental health services. No matter what you and your child are going through, things can get better.

They also have a Parents Helpline who can provide advice and support if you’re worried about a child or young person.


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