On this page we showcase pictures of on and off site events, displays, visits and workshops our children have enjoyed.


Our RE Displays


Mark and Catherine took the digital leaders to the BETT computing conference where they were able to get hands on with new technology.  The children enjoyed trying VR headsets and controlling the robots.


EYFS and KS1 Childrens Songs Performance

Key Stage 2 Performance

Well done to the staff and children of Year’s 3 & 4 for a wonderful production.

Christmas Pantomime

On Thursday the 7th of December, we watched a pantomime performance from the duo- ‘Dip and Dab’, and it was wonderful. The children and teachers had a good time laughing at the antics and participating in the games such as ‘Tinsel your tree’, ‘Ice your slice’, ‘Shake it off’ and more. We sang along to songs, laughed at jokes, and rounded it off with the group dance- Christmas Conga.
Enjoy the photos below

We were very pleased to receive a visit from Perform on Thursday 16th November. The children had a wonderful time exploring the theme of ‘Around the world’ and using drama, dance and singing to help develop their confidence, concentration and social skills

Well done to some of our pupils in year 2 and 3 who participated in a diary writing activity during the summer term last academic session. Congratulations to them for their participation and hard work!

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