Our vibrant curriculum

Deptford Park Primary School is a learning community.  We view our school as a place to think, investigate, and help each other as well as a good place to be.    We believe that everyone at Deptford Park Primary, both adults and children are learners who will continue their learning all their lives.  At Deptford Park Primary School we want our children to be switched on to learning.  We want our children to be motivated and empowered by their experiences here.  We aim to provide our children with an excellent foundation for them to become independent learners, so that they will go on and continue to love learning throughout their lives. 


We believe that the curriculum we offer at Deptford Park Primary School should be relevant, rigorous, broad, fun, creative and inclusive.  We use the National Curriculum, National Frameworks and the QCA schemes of work to support us in designing our own spiral curriculum to meet the needs and interests of our children, whatever their ability. For this purpose we plan and teach in a differentiated way (meeting the needs of all abilities), in a multicultural way (drawing upon the children’s own lives and backgrounds and that of others) and where possible in a cross curricular way (making links between subjects). We believe that learning does not just begin and stop in the classroom. We understand the importance of bringing the “outside world” into the curriculum via avenues such as school trips and visitors thus helping us to provide a stimulating and vibrant curriculum.


Please do take a look at the fantastic work our children have been doing on the class pages and gallery!

Ken Johnson


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