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Every school has a Governing Body to represent the public and community in the running of the school. School Governors at Deptford Park bring perspectives from our life and work to strive for excellence in the care and education of all children at the school.

All school Governors at Deptford Park volunteer their time to work in partnership with the Headteacher and the Leadership Team to oversee the strategic development of the school with a common goal to provide a high standard of education for all pupils, whatever their ability or needs.

I am very grateful to the whole school for their support throughout the year. We are very lucky to have a great Leadership Team and some terrific teachers who help us to achieve so much for our children.

All the Governors at Deptford Park will continue to work to provide effective governance to the school.

I hope that you enjoy this website and if you want to get in touch with us you can e-mail us at info@deptfordpark.lewisham.sch.uk  or you can leave a message with the school office.

Sue Smyth

Chair of Governors,
Deptford Park Primary School

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Review of Governors’ Activities

Dear Parents and Guardians of children at Deptford Park School, my name is Sue Smyth and I am the chair of governors at the school.

I want to let you know some of the work that governors did last year and some of the work that we plan to do through the coming year.

School governors are volunteers who work alongside the Headteacher and his team. We help the school improve and we help ensure a high standard of education for all pupils – whatever their ability or needs. Governors come from different parts of the school community including staff and parents and we meet at least twice every term.

These were the things we spent most of our time on last year:

We checked that the school was spending money in the most effective way  – we approved plans to spend money on the nursery play area

We set targets for the school for how they would help children learn in Reading, Writing, Maths and Science, and we kept evaluating how well the school was doing throughout the year.

These are some of the other things that we did last year:

We visited the school a number of times during the year – teachers allowed us to observe their lessons so that we could understand how well the school is doing – we are very grateful to teachers and pupils for allowing us into the classroom.

We decided on the best way to help children who were often collected late from school.

We welcomed new governors to the team and said goodbye to some old friends.

We thought back on how well we had done at governing the school and what we could do better in the future – we also went to a number of training sessions to make sure that we can continue to be effective governors.

We agreed the schools plans for making sure all children are safe in the school at all times and we agreed the school’s plans for what to do if there was ever an emergency in the school.

These are the things that we plan to do during the next year:

We will advocate for the school with the Local Authority to ensure the best outcomes across all aspects of the school community.

We will monitor and evaluate the targets that we have set for teaching and learning – especially for literacy – if the school looks like it is going to miss the targets then we will work more closely with the school to help them improve.

We will ensure the school provides for ALL pupils (including those pupils who are more able or more vulnerable)

We will continue to work with the Headteacher to develop plans for the school

We will keep visiting lessons so that we know how well the school is developing

We will continue to check that the school’s money is spent in the the most effective way

We will think about how we govern so that we know we are effective

We will continue to develop our partnership with the school

We will develop our page on the school website

We would like to hear from you – especially if you have any advice for us on how we could do better at governing the school. You can get in touch via the school office.

Thank you for spending the time to find out more about the work of Governors at Deptford Park School.

Best wishes

Sue Smyth
Chair of Governors
Deptford Park School

You do not need specialist knowledge or qualifications to become a school governor. Caring about improving education, enthusiasm …

Minutes of Governors meetings are available for inspection.  Please ask at the school office.

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