Mathematics at Deptford Park Primary School

Our vision for the teaching and learning of Mathematics at Deptford Park Primary School is underpinned by the principles of ‘mastery’.

Our aim is to equip all pupils with the knowledge, skills and confidence to solve a range of problems through fluency with numbers and mathematical reasoning.  Children are encouraged to see the mathematics that surrounds them every day and enjoy developing vital life skills in this subject.

Deptford Park Primary School Mathematics Mission Statement

At Deptford Park Primary School we believe that ALL pupils can achieve.

Armed with this belief we teach our curious and flexible learners through practical activities, discussion and problem solving.

We use a CPA (concrete, pictorial, abstract) approach which allows all children to become mentally fluent with number, keen pattern spotters and resilient problem solvers.  They learn through the use of manipulatives, representations and images.

We understand that Maths is not always about the final answer but the journey there and the discoveries made.  Mistakes are a great source of learning and the environment created in all Maths lessons ensure children are risk-takers in their own learning: using mistakes to further understanding.

Children will be competent with number, whether using manipulatives, representations or digits themselves within the application of real-life contexts, using appropriate mathematical language when explaining and reasoning.

As a school we set high aspirational goals and provide the environment and scaffolds for all to achieve within lessons developing deep Mathematical understanding by taking small steps in all concepts.

Children at Deptford Park Primary School ENJOY Maths!


Deptford Park subscribes to the most used Mathematics website worldwide.  This fantastic resource is offered to all pupils from Reception to Year 6.

Pupils are captivated by the online mental Maths games, which uses and refines speed and skill.  Teacher’s set levels for individual pupils so they will always be challenged and have access to the appropriate level. Children receive their log-in details from their class teacher. Children are motivated by receiving points and being awarded certificates.

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