Special Educational Needs

Please let us know on admission about any special needs your child may have.  If we are concerned about your child’s development or behaviour, they will be placed on our register of Special Needs to ensure that we track their progress and support them carefully.  It is estimated that around 20% of children may need extra help at some point in their education. 

Children may make sufficient progress to be removed from the register, or we may feel that they require extra support and possibly the involvement of outside agencies in a process resulting in the provision of an Education, Health and Care Plan (ECHP), where Lewisham formally recognises their needs and may provide additional resources such as speech and language therapy or additional staffing for them.  We will keep you fully informed if your child is one of those requiring any special needs intervention.

It may also be that your child is particularly talented or gifted, and we are very keen to make sure that we provide the right sort of work to give them sufficient challenge, and the best opportunity to do well for
themselves. If you know of a particular talent your child has, please let us know.

Ken Johnson


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