Deptford Park Primary School

The World in Our School

Art Work Displayed Around Our School

Teaching the Year 5’s how light affects objects and how they can made two dimensional drawings appear three dimensional with the use of tonal marks (shading). They used soft drawing to create the shading and shadows and pastels for the background using complementary colours


The children were leaning how to use graphite transfers based around the work of William Morris using lots of floral and natural motifs. This is a really easy way of transferring an image multiple times. The children drew their design on a square of white paper then rubbed a thick layer of graphite all over the back of the paper then traced it on to a larger sheet of paper.  They used their design four times by rotating around a central point to create a larger design. They then added details with gold paint.


Year 3 were learning about positive and negative space. With the scissor work they drew around a pair of scissors numerous times to create an interesting composition.  The children had to make the scissors the positive so they coloured in the background (negative space) so the viewer’s eye was drawn to the scissor shapes (positive space).


The hand work is inspired by the British Op artist Bridget Riley whose work with positive and negative space plays tricks on your eyes.  They created their own ‘Optical Art’ by drawing round their hands, adding horizontal lines and then coloured them in using felt tips in  complimentary colours. They had to  make sure they alternated the colours so the same colour wasn’t used next to each other only diagonally.