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We aim to equip children with knowledge and understanding of mathematical concepts including those relevant to every day life, e.g. money and time.

Using and applying knowledge and skills is an important part of children’s learning and there will be opportunities for pupils to embed these skills in practical investigations and problem solving exercises.

At Depford Park we feel that children should enjoy learning and maths is no exception. We follow the Renewed Primary Framework from Years 1 – 6 and the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum for Nursery and Reception. Teachers plan for progression, so that learning is pitched at the child’s level and not their age so there is sufficient challenge and opportunities for pupils to reach their potential.

On the curriculum page is the calculation policy that shows how calculation is taught at Deptford Park and gives a really clear picture of how your child is learning to carry out the four operations, which should help as we know that sometimes new methods of calculation can feel very different from parents were taught at school.

We believe that mathematics should be challenging, fun and practical. Traditional learning of tables, number bonds and using the four operations helps to provide many of the building blocks of mathematics, but providing children with the opportunities to really understand how numbers work, be flexible with their methods and apply knowledge is our goal.

All children in Years 1-6 have a maths target, why not ask you child today about their maths target?

Some useful websites for extra support and interactive activities are suggested below;


Deptford Park have recently subscribed to the most used mathematics website with 3 million users and 7000 schools worldwide. This fantastic resource is offered at a greatly discounted price, which means we are able to offer the facility to all pupils from Reception to Year 6.

Pupils will be captivated by the online mathematics mental maths game, where they are pitched against other pupils from around the world in real-time games using speed and skill. The more children use this, the faster and more accurate their mental maths skills will become.

It has over 850 activities for ages 5 to 18 years. Parents can sign up to receive a weekly report on their child’s progress and see the results first-hand. It provides a perfect link between home and school and includes activities for every area of mathematics.  Children are motivated by receiving points and being awarded certificates.

Teacher’s in school can set levels for individual pupils so that they will always be challenged and therefore will access mathletics at the appropriate level. Pupils and parents enjoy the instant feedback after each activity, showing where strengths and weaknesses may be.

Your child will recieve their log-in details from their class teacher. This log-in will also allow your child to access the spellodrome activities.